The Difference!

Comparing a settlement advance from to Title Loans and Payday Loans...

You Don’t Pay Back Unless You Win
An advance from is only paid back if and when you win your case.
Cannot End in a Lawsuit
If you fail to make payments on your payday loan, you could be sued.
You Will Never Be Sent to Collections
If you don’t make your payments on time, the creditors will harrass you.
Completely Avoids Wage Garnishment
If you do not respond to a collections payday lenders will garnish your wages.
You Won’t Lose Your Vehicle
If your car value doesn't cover the loan, they will send you to collections.
High Loan Limits Regardless of Assets
The total amount of your title loan is limited to the value of your vehicle.
You Have a Bad Credit Score
We don’t care about your credit score. We only care about your case.
You Don’t Have a Bank Account
Having a bank account is irrelevant. You only pay us back when you win.
You Are Currently Unemployed
If you got hurt, that is all that matters. We don’t care about your current job status.
No Periodic Payments
You don’t make payments because you only pay your loan when you win.

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