How It Works

The Smart Way

To Get Your Injury Money Quickly

Our quick video explains how easy it is to get your injury money today.

Step 1

Complete Our Form

Complete our simple form that just asks basic contact information. Once we receive the form submission we will have one of our caring case specialists contact you for a bit more information so we can get a general idea of your case and specific needs. Get Started Now!

Step 2

We Call Your Attorney

After we get information from you we will call your attorney and acquire any additional case details that will help us qualify your needs.

Step 3

You Get Your Money Fast

That’s it! After we talk to your attorney and learn about your case we arrange for docs to be sent to you and signed and then the money is yours. Often we can get your settlement money to you that very same day. It’s your money so and don’t want you wasting another second getting life back on track.

Get Started Now!

Even if you don't have an attorney or are unhappy with your current respresentation, we can help