Frequently Asked Questions is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and our office is open during normal business hours. You may come in and speak to one of our representatives directly. Although, in most cases we will be able to obtain all of the necessary information via telephone.

In most cases, you will not have to provide any documents. It is as simple as calling and speaking to one of our experienced representatives. will then ask a series of questions such as, Name, Date of Birth, and Attorney Name. Our office will provide all the documents, and you will even be able to sign them electronically!

There are many factors that determine funding such as: ability to communicate with attorney, that all information provided is true and correct, if there are any other outstanding loans on your case, etc. will determine the value of your case and will make a decision as to how much funding you will be able to get. Although having another loan on your case will make a determination as to how much to advance, this does not mean that you will not be able to get funding at all. In many cases we are able to pay your other loan and consolidate your loans at an industry competitive rate.

Although our office is founded by a former attorney, our office does not provide legal advice. does not run credit, background, employment nor INS checks. Our decisions for funding are based solely on our ability to determine the strength of your personal injury case.

YOU are the client, your attorney must comply with your wishes if you need and want a loan. It is YOUR money and not theirs. Therefore, will provide detailed instructions to your attorney signed by you instructing your attorney to comply and cooperate with our office.

A does not run a credit or background check therefore your credit nor your employment status is not a determination of funding, your personal injury case IS your credit.

Complete case information is evaluated the same day on a case by case basis by an attorney who is able to render an immediate decision.

In many cases we are able to pay you the same day!

Sort of, but not really. The simple reason being that you do not have to repay the money if you lose your case. The money we provide is an advance on your case with the obligation to repay us contingent upon the outcome of your case.

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