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Lawyer Services & was founded by a personal injury attorney whose firms have represented literally tens of thousands of clients. Therefore, we understand the unique financial challenges facing personal injury practitioners. We understand the ethical limits imposed upon you as a lawyer that prevent you from charging interest to your clients on advanced case costs. We also understand how burdensome case costs can become in terms of the drag on your overall capital available to spend on firm growth and management. We can help you to incorporate language in your personal injury fee agreements whereby the client authorizes you to have cover the costs of the cases so the money is not coming out of your firm’s pockets and put at risk with zero upside.


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When I was injured in a car accident I could not work and I thought my situation was hopeless, I thought I would lose my house. Injury Loan approved me for an advance that kept me afloat until my lawsuit was settled. I don’t know what I would have done without them.


– Eric K. made the process easy and fast when I needed money for my personal Injury Case. I received my money in one day. Great service!!


– Anna T.